Frank Gutierrez is a Napa Valley commercial and editorial photographer known for his work in the wine industry. His career in the creative world began in Hollywood, where he gained experience in the television commercial industry working along-side talented directors and producers. That exposure to professional artistry continues to suffuse all of his work today.

His passion for viticulture and photography has inspired him to work with Napa winemaking legends like Chuck Wagner, Randy Dunn, Matthew Parish, Joel Gott and David Phinney.  


Frank’s 8 years spent as lead in-house photographer for Caymus Vineyards afforded him many opportunities to develop and improve his craft, culminating in multiple editorial and advertising pieces for Wine Spectator Magazine. In 2017, Frank contributed a photograph for the winery which was featured in a two-page Wine Spectator print ad for which his team received the Wine Marketing Exchange award for Best in Print Advertising. He continues to live and work in the Bay Area with his wife and two frequently photographed dogs.  


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